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  • High Demand/Low Supply -
    A Business dream which is not always good for you, the Customer!

    Take cigars for instance. Cigars today are rolled and sold, rolled and sold. Without allowing time for the tobacco to age properly you the customer end up with a less flavorful, more harsher tasting cigar.

    We at StoGies yield to quality.
    We take full advantage of natures's gift of time. Our master rollers follow old Cuban secrets laid down from generation to generation providing a unique blend of fine, long filler, hand rolled - AGED cigars that would put a smile of contentment on even Churchill's face.

    We personally invite you to enjoy a a rare treat in today's market, a premium, traditionally aged StoGies.
    What's good for you, is good for us!
    Experience the difference and enjoy the smile!
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    We will be glad to custom pack a box to include an assortment of blends.

    Call us about custom cigar bands for special personal or corporate events.
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